Lasting impressions

Impressions are discerned through our most intrinsic senses. As a surfacing material, we seek to evolve laminate designs through the use of prints, finishes and textures. But we asked ourselves – why stop at the surface?

As we explore beyond the facade, we embraced the exciting possibility of reinventing the fundamentals, to innovate right at the core. This was done by marrying craftsmanship with exceptional materials exclusively from Japan.
A journey of discovery

Collection 2016: Embracing simplicity

Our latest collection was borne from the pursuit of simplicity. By eliminating the superfluous, our vision is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful to our products.

We aspire to achieve complexity in design, through streamlined minimalism, restraint and purity - resulting in a sublime collection that is understated and polished.
Panaplast Collection 2016