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Fine materials

PANAPLAST is the purveyor of high pressure laminates for interior spaces. Every product in its collection is carefully selected to bring about a fine balance - between colours and textures, simplicity and intricacy.

Seeking to provide the canvas for mindful everyday living, PANAPLAST approaches its curation with human beings at its heart. Perceiving surfaces as living and breathing tactile pieces that influence moods through touch or vision, PANAPLAST seeks to backdrop the ups and downs of life with elegant finesse. Every colour, print, finishing, material and texture carries with it the patina of stories and memories told through spaces.

Collection 2023/24

Creativity is boundless with PANAPLAST. The materials can be applied to interior finishing, made to withstand the test of time, practically and aesthetically. They are crafted with uncompromised quality, effortless grace and ageless beauty in mind.

Contact us for a physical copy.